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In this sequence of posts, we are mapping the technical milestones. The third technical milestone is all about the RPS: Rotating Particle Separator. This technology separates by centrifugation 100% of liquid and, in our case, solid particles as small as 1 micro-meter from gases. It works quite interestingly: a contaminated gas stream passes a multiple of small, parallel linked channels that turn around a central axle. This causes a centralized force on those particles, in combination with a short separation length - the particles consequently get to the outer surface layer and flow downstream, whilst the clean gas can continue through. The particles are then captured.


In this year’s system, we work together with ROMICO to make the RPS that catches the rust particles (iron oxides) after we burn it. With the oxide drain (rust container) we are able to collect all these particles so that afterwards, we can make iron powder from it.


SOLID calculated and provided the requirements regarding mass flow and dust load through the RPS. ROMICO did their magic and made the basic design. Erik (ROMICO) and our technical team members Rick and Bart have assisted in making the technical drawings. Erik selected the components, and we with help of technical team members Marc and Sam, we designed the control and automation of the moving parts. This is the big electromotor that actuates the RPS itself and the actuators of the automatic cleaning system.