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In this timeline, we are mapping the technical milestones. The first one is all about the dispersion system, the module that is now finished and ready to be tested. This year’s system will mix iron powder with air, burn the iron powder, use the heat of the flame for steam production, and catch the rust.

The dispersion system is part of this energy storage system. It ensures a continuous dosage of iron powder in the system, and mixes the iron powder with air. For the rightly dosed mixture, a screw feeder is used, which, as the name implies, ‘fuels’ the system with the iron powder. In a venturi tube, which is a tube that is narrowed in the middle, the feeded iron powder is mixed with a stream of air.


In the development of the dispersion system, we collaborated with and at the site of EM Group. This went smoothly, yet some technical challenges had to be tackled. The main one being that the feeder as mentioned above, dosed only one third of the intended capacity. This means that at first, a flame of only 50kW could be created with the dosed iron powder, instead of the 100 kW we aim for.


Now that this challenge is tackled, we will connect the dispersion system to the burner, and start testing!